"It’s just one of those schools that the name carries itself." - Pastor Tuli Amosa

January 9, 2017

Pastor Tuli Amosa has seen his son turn into a hot commodity in recent weeks on the recruiting trail, as 2017 Kapolei (Hawaii) defensive end Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa holds offers from Arizona, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, USC and Vanderbilt to name a few and it’s likely he will receive a few more by the time the month is over.

The Irish offered the 6-foot-3, 250-pounder last week and it was an offer that holds weight with the Amosa family.

“It’s always great news when there is an offer,” Pastor Amosa told Irish Sports Daily. “It’s just another opportunity for Myron to take his academics to the next level, but an offer from Notre Dame, it’s just one of those schools that the name carries itself. It’s like a Nike or Jordan brand.

“Hearing Notre Dame, it just sells itself and we’re excited about it. My wife and I are excited about the offer and opportunity for Myron.”

With its Catholic based education, Notre Dame meets one of the categories important to the family and it could be great fit for the Hawaii native. Manti Te’o, Robby Toma and Kona Schwenke made the decision to come to South Bend, so the Amosa family has seen the dividends of what Notre Dame can do for someone.  

“We preach on a faith-based education,” said Amosa. “We don’t look at today or tomorrow, but we look way ahead of our kid’s future. We want to be 10 years ahead of what they have planned right now. Football will take you where football is going to take you, but you have to have another avenue or plan for things to work out.

“Academics can be a backbone of everything and we stress that with our kids. Football is good, but being academically sound will get you places.”

There is tradition, history and we’re excited about the offer. It’s definitely something we’re going to look into and we’d love to come visit. - - Pastor Tuli Amosa
Being the son of a pastor has some challenges, as the three-star prospect was held to a higher standard from a youngster. However, Amosa believes his son has handled the pressures well and it has shaped him into the man he is today.  

“Culturally, it’s about the way we discipline with them,” laughed Amosa. “Sometimes we get physical with them, on a good note, but there is always a reason and a cause why we get physical. Some pastor’s kids are opposite, but for us, we don’t want them to be opposite of the parents.

“We teach them the word and we teach them that. I think that alone, we try to give them wisdom on how to live their life. They are great kids and that’s all I can say.”

It’s not everyday Notre Dame sends out an offer to a prospect from Hawaii, but as Amosa stated, it holds weight. When it comes to making the final decisions, Amosa will let his son know his thoughts, but the decision will 100 percent be his son’s.

“He’s taking it in stride and when he gets an offer, he looks into the school,” Amosa said of the recruiting process. “We tell him that he has to look into it when he gets a new offer, because as parents, we can look into it, but he’s picking and choosing the school. We will add our thoughts about the school, but he is taking it well.

“He is humble about it and it seems like he isn’t phased by the process. At the bottom line, it’s him. No matter what school he picks, it’s him that has to excel. We can only do so much and lead him here and there, but he’s the one that has to do the rest.”

In terms of Notre Dame, Amosa feels a trip to South Bend could be in order in the next few weeks, but it will be somewhat challenging to get to Notre Dame, as his son has a busy schedule with All-Star games.  

“Notre Dame sells itself,” stated Amosa. "There is tradition, history and we’re excited about the offer. It’s definitely something we’re going to look into and we’d love to come visit. He has a very tight schedule this month, as he is committed to two bowl games and those are on two weekends after the Dead Period.

“We’re trying to squeeze in visits during the weekdays. Notre Dame will be a very nice trip for him to take.”

Distance is the next question that comes up when you hear a kid from Hawaii gets an offer, but Amosa would be shocked if it played a factor in his son’s decision.  

“He has two older siblings and my daughter went to school on the West Coast, then my older son is at the Naval Academy,” Amosa said. “He played against Notre Dame this past year. I don’t think distance will play a part in Myron’s decision.

“For us, it’s more about the education and something that will benefit him in the long run.”
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