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March 6, 2017

For our very first outing, please meet Eric L. Diamond aka Buccos815!

Irish Sports Daily Eric Diamond doing his thing.
Which state and town do you currently live?    South Bend IN

Alum (what year) or SubAlum?   1980 & 1983

Why ND? How did you become a fan? I was born an ND fan.  My Dad was an ND grad and my Mom is a SMC alum.

Do you remember the first ND game you watched? It was not my first, but the ND/MSU 1966 game is my first bold memory.

Which game was your first Irish game attended, and how many have you attended over your lifetime? As a kid, I got to go to games when the weather was too crummy for my Mom.  So it was some windy, rainy or snowy game in the late 1960s.  I have been to many as a fan, student and alum.

What is ND's record in games you've attended (maybe you're the problem)?  I have seen ND win at least 8 games and thus I am happy.

What is your favorite ND moment? ND MBB team's victory over UCLA on January 19, 1974.

The most proud you've ever been to be a ND fan? I am equally proud of each victory over BC.

The most angry you've ever been at a ND game? When BC upset ND on November 20, 1993.

Have you ever physically broken something because you were so angry during or after a ND game?  No.  I am happy even when something bad happens to Notre Dame.  It is called "perspective".

Top 5 favorite ND players of all time? Tom Schoen.  Paul Turgeon.  Rocket Ismael.  Joe Theismann.  Nick Eddy.

5 Irish players who didn't get enough respect?   Tommy Rees.  Wayne Bullock.  Willie Townsend.  Mike Courey.  Howard Meyer.

Favorite place on ND campus?  The path around the lake.

Favorite ND game tradition? ISD Tailgate at Lamppost 9

Favorite ND coach? Lou Holtz

Place you're most likely to be found before and after attending a ND game in South Bend?  Before: Lamppost 9.  After:  In my basement, happily eating an Anchovy/Pineapple Pizza from Hungry Howie's.

Most despised opposition player ND has played against?  Doug Flutie

Top 5 favorite posters on ISD? 1)  Anyone but nloucks  2)  OldBroadcasterDudeDave  3)  last2no 4)  Morrissey  5)  Kilgore

Are you a Polly or a Debbie Downer? Sadly, my acquaintanceship with Mike Frank has transformed me into a Downer Polly mix.  I am an ND Football mutt.

Traditionalist, or spend whatever, let's compete? Money is not my issue.  If ND wins 8 games, I am happy.

What is your ideal ND season? 60 degrees and sunshine at every ISD Tailgate

If you could sit and watch a ND game with one person, who would it be and why? DogGuy.  He is my hero.

Worst fans in college football? Ohio State

Most hated opposition coach? Whoever is BC's coach.

What is your favorite thing about ISD? It is a Mele-free zone.

Which ISD staff member do you think is the best dancer? You can choose mods, interns, columnists, etc. I have always admired Angel's commitment to Irish Line Dancing.

What should be the punishment for Buccos, who says he is happy with 8 wins in any season? Buccos' version of hell?  Stuck in the last room of It's a Small World in a boat filled with Thep clones.

ND's record in 2017? Focus on numbers is misplaced.  Happiness is the goal.  I predict ND's record will make me happy.
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