Good job taking advantage of Kent's aggressiveness on the deeps shot to Tobias

A gross display of tackling on the 2nd series for ND's defense. Sneed has had serious issues as a tackler so far.

Hate having the 2 Dl on the 2nd series or not subbing those guys out in the red zone. Poor coaching decision

Horrible picking up the flag on the pass to Flores. Are there any good refs in CFB?

Dominant second series for the ND OL. Love to see it

31 personnel? Don't see that often. Showing that to give OSU something to prepare for

This is horrendous officiating all around. Just bad

Great job by Kiser and C Lew forcing the sweep to stay inside and hustle by JJB on the TFL, then won the rush by getting the piece of the arm on 3rd down

Just poor tackling on that one drive and a dumb penalty by Burnham. Other than that, about what you'd expect

14-7 ND