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Boston College RB AJ Dillon | ACC Media Day Transcript

July 17, 2019

Full transcript from Boston College running back AJ Dillon at ACC Media Day. 

Notre Dame will host Boston College on November 23rd.

Q. We have some offenses in this league with catchy names. Four or five different variations of the spread offense: Gulf Coast offense. Mack Brown is going to install the air raid offense. How would you describe the Boston College offense and how does it complement the skills of AJ Dillon?
AJ DILLON: I would say we're definitely a power run offensive team. We have a lot of weapons outside of the power run game. I feel like we're the classic traditional power run game with a lot of added tricks.

Q. Speak of some of the running backs growing up that inspired you, your style, your game?
AJ DILLON: I try to take a lot of pieces from different running backs' games throughout time. Obviously my favorite player when I was younger was LT. The more I started to learn the game, I learned about Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson. During high school I tried to emulate myself after Leonard Fournette.

My third year, I kind of try to be a sponge, take little bits and pieces from all the great backs, Le'Veon Bell's patience, Saquon Barkley's ability to cut and accelerate. That all kind of works its way to trying to be an all-purpose back.

Q. How much time do you have during the course of the season, when you are in season, to actually be observing other running backs?
AJ DILLON: I mean, we watch film. Obviously we watch defensive film. I'm an offensive player. When I do have a chance, I try to catch an NFL game or maybe another college game.

I oftentimes, me and my roommate, fellow quarterback, we watch old games all the time. I just try to study as much as I can.

Q. In looking at the stats last year, you averaged 22 carries a game; I was a little surprised by that. Seemed like it was more. Did it seem like more than that to you? Are you unlike a pitch count for how many carries you can get a game?
AJ DILLON: No, I mean, the way I view a carry is an opportunity for me to help my team. Every time I get a carry, that's the respect from my teammates, obviously the offensive coordinator, head coach, Coach Addazio. That's showing me they have faith to put the ball in my hands, that I'm going to get the job done.

Carries, carry counts, if I get 10, 40, whatever the case may be, as long as I can help my team out, to a benefit, that's what I'm all about.

Q. Coming out of Connecticut, what can you say about the recruiting there? Have you felt there's a lot of respect for that, eyes on it? Is it a chip-on-your-shoulder type of state?
AJ DILLON: I definitely say Connecticut doesn't have the recruiting prowess of a Texas or Florida or California, one of those bigger states kind of known for their football players.

I mean, Connecticut has plenty of talent. I think that's showing in recent years. Obviously I only have my recruitment process, these last couple years, I've seen really great guys come out of there.

I definitely say it's a chip-on-your-shoulder type of state, you have something to prove being a smaller state. I carry it proudly.

Q. What was your off-season like? What did you do in terms of working on your overall game?
AJ DILLON: So obviously last season I missed a portion of time, was kind of not really 100% myself from a high ankle sprain. The first part of that was just getting back to 100% health. Also now being more mature, kind of seeing how I needed to take care of my body, making sure that my weaknesses, perceived weaknesses, are now a positive.

I've worked on a lot of things. I've worked on the pass game a lot. A lot of strength and conditioning. I want to be somebody who first down to fourth down, first quarter all the way to overtime, is somebody reliable in any situation. So that has been a big point of key emphasis for me.

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