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Mark Harrell | 2024 Notre Dame TE Target Jack Larsen a "Very Gifted" Competitor

June 23, 2022

Mark Harrell knows what it takes to play at the highest level of college football and the former Notre Dame offensive lineman and current Charlotte Catholic assistant coach has no doubt 2024 North Carolina tight end Jack Larsen‍ possesses that kind of ability.

“He's very gifted with his hands, his route-running ability is super pure, he is just a really good athlete for the size kid that he is, but he's also a competitor,” Harrell says of Larsen.

“He has an edge to him that I don't think can be coached or taught. I think that's something that kids just either naturally have or develop over time. It really caught my eye early on, especially when he was a younger kid coming through the ranks. We have a big program with a lot of kids, standing out as a freshman is difficult to do.”

The Charlotte Catholic staff was certainly aware of Larsen when he arrived, but he “rose to the occasion” with his compete level early on.

“It's no surprise now that he makes so many good plays and makes so many plays in double-coverage and just gets it done,” Harrell says. “That's where he's really getting this top-tier national attention, which is extremely well-deserved.”

Larsen has landed offers from schools like Notre Dame, Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas A&M, Duke, North Carolina, NC State and Wake Forest among several others.

“I think his feet are honestly incredible,” Harrell says of the 6-foot-3, 220-pounder. “He's not some monstrous body of a tight end, but his ability to get himself open in double-coverage or in space when he is lined up in 22-personnel with two tight ends, his ability to his get himself open. I think a lot of that has to do with his feet.

“He also uses his hands very well. He gets separation not only with his blocking, but with his routes. He fights for the ball. When the ball goes in the air, he's going to time it and use that timing and those instincts to the best of his ability. I think his biggest gifts right now are his feet and his ability to get open and run routes so purely and still have the body and the capability to move people off the ball at the point of attack.”

Off the field, Larsen certainly checks the boxes as well.

“It's very obvious that he is a very well-liked kid,” says Harrell. “People gravitate towards him. He doesn't act like he's bigger than the program. He doesn't act like he's more special than any of his teammates or any of the people that are going through the process. I think that creates a very natural draw to him that people really catch onto and really, really appreciate and enjoy. Super respectful kid, works extremely hard. He's also very focused.

“High school football at the end of the day, it's meant for people to have fun. He doesn't lose sight of that, but when it's game time and when it's time to practice and compete, he takes it very seriously.

“He knows how to flip the switch, turn the focus on and people naturally follow suit not only because of how well-respected he is on the field, but the respect he garners off the field. Even at a young age, when he was coming along, people gravitated towards that in a big way.”

Larsen is set to announce his college decision on Friday with Notre Dame a finalist along with North Carolina, NC State, Clemson and Michigan.

Harrell could obviously offer plenty of information about his time at Notre Dame, but he’s been more focused on general guidance about the recruiting process.

“I tried to make it as least specific to my Notre Dame experience as possible,” says Harrell. “As a high school coach, you're always in a tough spot where you don't want to make a decision for somebody, obviously. But any questions they had about the program itself, things I liked, things that were different that I didn't expect, I definitely want to be a resource and want to continue to be a resource for him in that regard.

“A lot of the conversations, especially early on, revolved around the recruiting process and what to expect. Obviously, it's probably changed a ton in ways that have zero understanding of since I've been doing it, but I guess I was probably one of the more fairly recent resources that they could rely on.”

Larsen has made four trips to South Bend in the less year and has enjoyed all of them. Harrell is comforted to hear his alma mater has treated his current player well.

“It sounds like he's just enjoying the process overall and not letting it get too big,” says Harrell. “That was my biggest advice to him was 'Enjoy it. Not everybody gets to experience something like this, where they get to travel around the country, see some of the top facilities in the world and some of the most well-known coaches, players programs in the country. So, don't lose sight of that and enjoy it.'

“It seems like they're handling it really well and with grace, which is no surprise knowing, meeting and being around both of his parents and the rest of his family.”

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