Junior Day Update: Bo Bauer

February 12, 2017

2018 linebacker Bo Bauer committed to Notre Dame in August and hasn’t looked back on his decision. The 6-foot-3, 215-pounder made sure to get back to South Bend this weekend for Junior Day to see his future teammates and the new defensive staff.

“It was fantastic,” Bauer told Irish Sports Daily. “I got to really sit down with the coaches and they were great. I got to spend time with the players and it was just a great visit.”

For Bauer, the vibe was different on this visit. He wasn’t trying to impress the staff and the staff wasn’t trying to impress him. It was about building stronger relationships and simply hanging out with the guys.

“It’s nice to just know that’s where I am going,” Bauer stated. “You weren’t trying to have to impress anyone and it was more relaxed.”

“The basketball game was really fun. I got to hang out with Brock (Wright) and Phil (Jurkovec). It was great to kind of relax and watch the game with them.”  

Bauer did get to meet with new defensive coordinator Mike Elko and linebackers coach Clark Lea on Saturday. There was a cross between football and getting to know each other, but Bauer seemed very excited about his future coaches.

“I went into the room with Coach Lea, we really got a chance to talk about the things I needed to work on and how I would fit into everything,” said Bauer. “He was covering the actual football aspect of things.

“I only got a total feel for Coach Elko. He is a really nice guy and loves football. Coach Lea, when you’re not talking about football, he’s really relaxed. Once you start mentioning football, it gets super intense.

“I think Coach Elko was trying to get to know me more. I had talked to Coach Lea when he was at Wake Forest, so I knew him a little bit. I think since Coach Lea has been recruiting me, he now wants to prepare me to actually play now.”

To see they are going to renovate the whole building and turn it into an elite facility makes it even better. There is nothing more you can ask for in that place. - Bo Bauer
Brian Kelly then had his turn to speak with the Cathedral Prep (Pa.) star and Bauer was loving what his future head coach was telling him, including scoop about improvements coming to Notre Dame.

“We kind of sat down and he talked about the renovations that were coming,” explained Bauer. “He talked about what was going to be going on in the next few years.

“I came for the education and then the football is a great added aspect. To see they are going to renovate the whole building and turn it into an elite facility makes it even better. There is nothing more you can ask for in that place.

“When people hear about how it will transform; I think it will attract more recruits too. It’s going to be ridiculous. People are going to see it and be like ‘I want to come here now.’”

Bauer was also in town to do a little recruiting and had singled out one target. He made sure a fellow linebacker felt the love on Saturday.

“Dallas Gant was my goal of the day,” laughed Bauer. “I just kept trying to get Dallas to come. He wouldn’t budge too much and said it’s early in his recruitment. He’s been up there so many times and he’s been up there more times than me.

“I think he’s a kid we could end up getting down the road. I am just trying to help out where I can.”
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Junior Day Update: Bo Bauer

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Bauer passes the eye test in that picture. He looks edgy with a frame that could add 25 lbs easily.
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REMND. I actually got the impression that he's not that big on top and will need a lot of development. If he's a legit 6-3 that is very encouraging.
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