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Trainer | 2026 Notre Dame QB Target Noah Grubbs Has Physical Tools & It Factor

July 3, 2023

Baylin Trujillo isn’t surprised by Noah Grubbs’ explosion on the scene as a national recruit.

In fact, it’s exactly what Trujillo predicted when the 2026 Florida quartreback first came to train with him. Still, it can still be eye-opening to see Grubbs land offers from some of the nation’s top college programs so early.

The Lake Mary High School quarterback is closing in on double-digit scholarship offers after landing an offer from the Irish following a camp in South Bend last month.

“I just know how much time that I’ve put into him and to see the results now and getting the offers like Notre Dame and Miami and Virginia Tech and Duke, you’re talking about prestigious universities that don’t usually offer kids until their junior year,” Trujillo says.

“He’s getting all this attention and these offers as a freshman. It’s just amazing to see. Sometimes I find myself getting emotional sometimes.”

Grubbs started with Trujillo at BTruQBTraining as an eighth-grader.

“I remember vividly the first day I trained him and I told him, ‘If you trust me with this process, you’ll be the best quarterback in the country,’” Trujillo recalls. “Because I’ve seen the It Factor. He already had the It Factor with his arm talent and his size. He just didn’t have anything with his feet.

“So I told his dad, ‘If you could quit baseball and focus fully on developing him as a quarterback, he will be the top quarterback in the country.’ And man, that’s what we’ve been doing.”

Not long after, Grubbs picked up his first offer from UAB after tearing it up at its camp.

He took over the starting job at Lake Mary early into his freshman year and helped lead his team to the state quarterfinals.

“The kid had a very good freshman year and it just kept building momentum and he kept training,” says Trujillo. “He never stopped training, even throughout the season. He would go to practice, then come work out with me, go to games, and Saturday morning still train with me. So, he’s always trying to perfect his craft, both mentally and physically at the position.”

Trujillo says the size and arm talent is easily apparent.

“He’s 6-4, 210, so he’s already got the physical tools,” says Trujillo. “When you see him, he stands out, but I think the thing that separates Noah from a lot of his competition at his size is the ability to throw in and out of the pocket, on and off platform effortlessly and accurately. A lot of kids at that size are more pocket passers, where they’re just going to sit in the pocket, try to break down a defense, do a pre-snap read process, get the ball out within three seconds and then move on. That’s usually your pro-style, straight pocket passer.

“Noah is considered that just because of his size, but Noah does really good things on the move and creating angles with his arm slot to make sure that he has velocity behind his ball and it’s accurate. I think that’s the difference.”

Grubbs and Trujillo have been working three or four times a week for almost two years now.

“When I’m training with him, I’m trying not to make him so much of a robot,” Trujillo explains. “When I first got him a year, almost two years ago, there was a lot of development in it. He was a baseball kid, he was very flat-footed, he had a great arm, great size, he didn’t have any footwork.

“He has just completely changed his game. Now he looks very fluid in his throwing motion. Again, he can throw from different angles and just makes it look effortless. Now it’s to the point where he’s not even thinking anymore, he’s just playing and reacting. When that happens for a quarterback, you’re able to be consistent in anything that you do, whether it’s a camp setting, a game setting, 7-on-7, whatever that looks like, you’re just going to be consistent because now you’re not thinking anymore. You’re just going based off instinct, reaction, and what you’ve been doing and working on.”

Grubbs picked up an offer from Miami back in May, which is a big one for in-state prospects, but Trujillo says the power of the Notre Dame brand was felt over social media immediately after he announced his offer from the Irish.

“It’s pretty cool to see the fan base behind Notre Dame and on top of that, what that offer means for a kid, especially coming from the state of Florida,” says Trujillo. “You don’t really have those opportunities at the quarterback position to be in that situation.”

Before the camp, Trujillo told Grubbs earning an offer from Notre Dame would be huge.

“I said, ‘Look, man, this can change your life. Obviously, you’re from Florida. So, the Florida State, Florida, Miami offers, those are obviously big time,’” he remembers. “Even UCF now going to the Big 12, that was his third offer. But, I mean, there’s just something about Notre Dame. That’s like something you would tell your kids one day. You’re going to sit in front of your TV watching a Lifetime movie on ‘Rudy’ and you’re saying, ‘Hey, man, I had an opportunity where I got an offer from this program.’

“This is a historical program where quarterbacks go and where they flourish and they get to the next level and they have opportunities to play the next level just because you’re part of Notre Dame and their history. So, that’s going to set him up to where he really ultimately wants to go, which is what everybody wants to do and that’s playing the NFL.

“I think based off the offers he has now, Notre Dame is definitely up there in giving him the best opportunity to showcase his ability to play quarterback. If you see their history at that position, you’re going to see that Noah kind of fits that mold in what they want to do. It’s going to give him the best opportunity to go out there, compete, and ultimately live his dream and play in the NFL one day. And just because he played at Notre Dame, it’s already kind of setting a standard to where you’re almost expected to become that.”

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