ISD Locker Room

March 9, 2017

Meet Mark Youngman aka teacherman.

Which state and town do you currently live?  Louisville, Ky

Alum (what year) or SubAlum? Subway Alum

Why ND? How did you become a fan? Born and raised in Elkhart, IN.  Everyone I knew was a fan.

Do you remember the first ND game you watched? Nope.  I remember I watched games and rooted for Theisman and Montana etc.  I remember people debating whether or not they liked Devine’s personality.

Which game was your first Irish game attended, and how many have you attended over your lifetime?
Only been to a few.  I think my first was SMU vs. Notre Dame in 86?  Maybe?  Don’t remember.

What is ND's record in games you've attended (maybe you're the problem)? The last game I was at was the Boston College debacle in 92’ (that was the year they choked – right?).  Sorry about that…

What is your favorite ND moment? Winning the National Championship in 87’.  I was home on leave from the Army and watching with friend and family.  A close second was beating Miami that year.

The most proud you've ever been to be a ND fan? When Charlie Weis called the pass play to Carlson to honor that kid’s dying wish.

The most angry you've ever been at a ND game? Tie between the Phantom Clip and getting screwed out of the championship for the Bobby Bowden Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Willingham years lumped together run a close second.

Have you ever physically broken something because you were so angry during or after a ND game? My dog had to leave the house during the Davie/Willingham years…  He cowered in the bedroom

Top 5 favorite ND players of all time?
Jeff Faine
Brady Quinn
Rodney Culver
The Bus
Joe Montana
There are too many players for just 5.  Seriously?

5 Irish players who didn't get enough respect?
Too many to list

Favorite place on ND campus?The Grotto

Favorite ND game tradition? The Tunnel

Favorite ND coach? Lou Holtz

Place you're most likely to be found before and after attending a ND game in South Bend?My uncle’s house

Most despised opposition player ND has played against? Hmmm…  I don’t like any of the opposing teams

Top 5 favorite posters on ISD? Don’t have favorites either.  Sorry

Are you a Polly or a Debbie Downer? I’m a realist.  Since the Holtz years, that makes me more Debbie Downer than Polly.

Traditionalist, or spend whatever, let's compete? Spend and compete

What is your ideal ND season? Undefeated + a USC blowout + a Michigan blowout + Boston College blowout + National Championship embarrassing an SEC team.

If you could sit and watch a ND game with one person, who would it be and why? My brother and dad - tied.  

Worst fans in college football? Michigan fans – loud and stupid.

Most hated opposition coach? Jimmy Johnson aka Pig Face Satan

What is your favorite thing about ISD? The mix of honest information, debate and speculation, and respect and love for ND.

Which ISD staff member do you think is the best dancer? You can choose mods, interns, columnists, etc. Mike Frank

What should be the punishment for Buccos, who says he is happy with 8 wins in any season? Shrink his bicycle shorts

ND's record in 2017? 10-2 + Kelly finally gets what most will consider a signature win.
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