"He’s going to be a heck of a college football player."

January 25, 2017

2017 athlete Russ Yeast is a wanted man. The Louisville commit is part of a heated battle between the Cardinals and Irish as the National Signing Day is less than a week away. The 5-foot-11, 183-pouder transferred from Ohio to Center Grove (Ind.) for his senior season and head coach Eric Moore believes Yeast is destined for success at the next level.

“We’ve probably never had a kid move in and confide into everything we did and do everything different than what he was used to and come out so positively,” Moore told Irish Sports Daily. “He loves football practice and he’s very intelligent in both the classroom and the football field. He’s levels above most kids and you can talk the game with him. He’s going to be a heck of a college football player.

“He’s a good character kid. I am just real proud of him. He fit in with our guys so well. He never tried to do things he shouldn’t have done.”

He runs routes as good as anyone I’ve ever seen in high school.” - Coach Eric Moore
However, everything wasn’t so easy for Yeast as he made the transition to Center Grove. The four-star prospect was used to playing multiple positions on offense and defense, but Moore wanted him to focus on just the offensive side of the ball for his senior season.

“He was only with me for one year and he had a transition to go through,” explained Moore. “He had to learn a whole new offense and a new way to play his position. He had to learn he didn’t have to play every position for us like he did at his last school. Once he learned he didn’t have to carry the team, I think it was fun for him for the first time in his life.

“That was a little tough for a kid that never came off the field and then we tried to tell him our competition is advance and you can’t play both ways. He finally accepted his role as the season started and did a really outstanding job on offense, but he might be an even better defensive player.”

Yeast ran for 1,525 yards, recorded 602 yards receiving and scored a total of 27 touchdowns in 2016, The reason he didn’t play defense wasn’t because he wasn’t talented enough but of Moore wanting to keep him fresh to put up those numbers on offense.

“I didn’t need him on defense, not because he wasn’t better, but I had young guys on defense,” stated Moore. “He came in on nickel and matchup on big-time kids a little bit, but his big thing was playing every down on offense and playing as hard as he physically could.

“He learned how to run the football as a running back and a slot guy who carried sweeps, dives and options. He has phenomenal hands, maybe the best I’ve had in 33 years. Russ can flat out catch the ball in traffic and that’s why he would be such a good defensive back.”

Moore also believes Yeast became a better football player and athlete during his time at Center Grove, as the Under Armour All-American got out of his shell.  

“He’s really strong and muscular, but he’s very flexible and we’re a big track program as well,” said Moore. “He didn’t like it as much when he started, but by the end of it, he started to understand it was really helping him.

“We’re so physical in our league and you have to block. He’s never had to do that, as he was always the ball carrier. He started finding some pride the more we practiced it, which is a big thing He’s good at it and he can do it. He’s very strong.”

The growth in his game helped with his recruitment, as some of the nation’s elite took notice.
“I can tell by his recruiting,” Moore explained. “He had some offers, but after he played five or six games with us, Alabama, Mississippi came out of the woods with offers. Notre Dame is at his house right now. It’s been incredible, but worth it.”

As for what position Yeast might end up at in college, Moore believes it might be hard for teams not to get the ball in his hands.

“His hips are so good he can play that corner spot and can lock on guys,” Moore said. “He’s very good technically at the position. He is also very coachable and you have to be that way. To be really good at the position, you have to be able to forget and he can. It won’t bother him if something good happens for the other team.

“He’s also a gamer. He has strong hands and you should see the reel of one-handed catches we have of him. With him committed to Louisville for so long and have that interest there, I am not sure there is any way they’d bring him and not throw the ball to him. He’s just that type of guy.

“I could see the same thing at Notre Dame. If they have better skill guys that can catch the ball better than him, I’d like to see it. He runs routes as good as anyone I’ve ever seen in high school.”
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"He’s going to be a heck of a college football player."

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He has the potential to be a solid college player... just don't think it will be at ND...
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Coach Eric Moore must not have seen much football in his time, if that is the best route runner he has ever seen in high school.
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