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QB Tyler Buchner Quietly Prepared for Notre Dame Arrival

February 1, 2021

It's been a long time coming, but 2021 quarterback Tyler Buchner‍ has arrived at Notre Dame. 

The 6-foot-2, 207-pounder committed to Notre Dame in March of 2019 and will now begin the next step of his life. 

"I'm a little anxious to leave home," Buchner told ISD. "I guess that's normal for every college student. I'm excited more than anything." 

The four-star prospect could have taken it easy this fall as California didn't play football, but Buchner came up with his own weekly routine to prepare him for Notre Dame. 

Outside of throwing, lifting and watching film, Buchner challenged himself mentally as his mother made weekly tests on the playbook and Buchner passed his final test last Sunday. 

"I think it was around 12 weeks ago,” said Buchner. “I had some parts of the playbook and I wanted to learn it," explained Buchner. "I went to my mom and we set up a 12-week schedule, so it would go into the last week before I leave.

"Every week, I would be tested on a different family of the playbook. The last two weeks were review tests, which covered everything I've learned. She has done a great job of setting up tests, review sessions and all those sorts of things to keep me on track to learn all of the things I needed to learn." 

Danny Mitchell, Buchner's former offensive coordinator, had an extensive playbook that most quarterbacks would have found demanding. Buchner mastered Mitchell's offense and while the Notre Dame playbook is more detailed, it was something he was able to grasp.

"I think it definitely helped to an extent, but it's hard to compare a high school playbook to Notre Dame's playbook," stated Buchner. "The depth in which it goes into and the detail is very extensive along with the pure amount of volume is a lot." 

Physically, the La Jolla native is confident where he stands and ready for what Matt Balis throws his way. 

"I feel pretty good," Buchner said. "I don't know what's coming for me, but I'll see when I get there. I feel good about myself and where I'm at physically. I'm excited to get there and get to work. I've been putting in the work the past couple of months and I want to see if it's paid off." 

Buchner knows he could have used the extra seasoning and the 2020 season is something he won't get back, yet he's confident in the work he put in this fall. 

"It's tough to make up for a lost football season," Buchner explained. "You can't really replicate it. If I was a basketball player, I could play pickup at the rec. You can't do that with football. 

"I think I've done the best I could have done with trying to get in the reps I missed. I feel good about it. I don't feel like I missed out on anything from not playing. I don't feel I'm behind anyone from not playing this year. If anything, I feel like I basically had a draft preparation." 

Ian Book has left South Bend and the Notre Dame quarterback battle will be a national story this spring. Buchner is aware of the pressure of being a top-rated recruit combined with being a quarterback at Notre Dame, but it's also something he embraces

"There is pressure with everything you do in life," Buchner stated. "There's going to be different levels of pressure. You can't ignore it, but I don't feel it that much. I try to focus on myself more than anything because I know I'm in control at the end of the day. 

"I'm going to work the hardest I can and try to keep getting better every day. I'm going to put my head down and if I do those things, it'll work itself out and I'll end up where I need or should be. I'm just going work as hard as possible, improve and learn and see where that takes me." 

A solid six inches of snow greeted Buchner, a far cry from the San Diego sun, but Buchner will miss more than the weather as he starts his freshman year. 

"I'll miss my friends and family," said Buchner. "I'm close with my friends and family, but missing them is normal. I won't be too sad about it. I'm not bringing my golf clubs with me, so I'll probably miss that. 

"I'll miss having my mom cook me breakfast, lunch and dinner when I need it. That's huge. I'll miss having my own bathroom and maybe the speed of the WiFi. 

"It's the little things." 

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